Our Benefit Services Include

• Fully Insured Health Insurance Plans
• Dental and Vision
• Life and Disability Insurance
• Wellness Programs
• Employee Benefit Manuals
• Self Funding Options
• Health ReimbursementAccounts


"Paula's presentation gave me exactly what I needed to keep the affect of health care reform into perspective. Now I can focus on running my business. Her presentation & timely communications let me know what moves I need to make over the next few years & when to make them"
Elizabeth Augu MPA Media


"I trust Paula completely with my clients. Her reputation for a complete grasp of Federal & State Legislation is apparent in her Webinar presentation"
Susan Sheldon Company


"Contracting with Paula & make this presentation to my agency clients, was the bestretention insurance I could have purchased. I will use her again as reform moves forward.My clients won't need to talk to any other agency for answers."
Name Company