Speakers Bureau

For Professional

We personalize presentations for your specific industry or professional organization. Organizations with employer members are encouraged to offer our programs:

Health Care Reform: An Employer Update or How to Purchase Health Insurance for Your Firm.

All presentations are available via webinar or in person at your event.

For Your Insurance

Our goal is to let your clients know that YOU are on top of the changing times and that they can depend on YOU to guide them through the years of change ahead. Don't spend your agency manpower on the hundreds of hours researching thousands of pages of legislation, contacting regulators for updates and putting together labor intensive presentations. We do it for you. Choose from:

"Health Care Reform: An Employer Update or Health Savings Accounts: Save Now – Save for Later

Bonus: Receive discounts on future Legislative Updates as regulations roll out if you participate before August 1, 2010

For Service & Community Organizations

We are available for your Service or Community Organization and will prepare a program specific to your needs. Individuals and Small Business have questions and concerns about the future of their health care needs. Let us personalize our Health Care Reform and How to Purchase Health Insurance for your particular group. We even have programs that include information on the many public programs already available.